Information & Offers

General Informations

  • We offer a cheap car rental solution to those who want to move and visit the attractions of our region Messinia, picking some specific cars from our fleet which we offer in special prices and discounts for rental over then 1 week (7 days).
  • For less than 7 days and for big and special cars such as Automatic, Diesel, SUV, Station Wagon, Minibus you can visit our central website
  • We suggest some trips in our region, which you can find in section "TRIPS" visiting our central website

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to rent a car?

All you need to book your car is a credit or debit card. To pick up the car you will need:
  • Your offer you received via email.
  • Credit card
  • Driver's license for each driver, at least 12 months, European or International
  • Your passport or any other identification document.

What should I look when I choose a car?

Luggage: You will enjoy your rental best if you choose a car with comfort for your passengers and luggage.
Fuel Type: After consulting with our company you can save a lot of money.
Location: By choosing the exact location you want to pick up or drop off the rented car, renting can be much cheaper.

What is the minimum and maximum duration of rental car?

At MessiniaCar ( the minimum rental charge is the price of 1 day (24 hours). Hence one can rent a car for even 1 hour but at the daily rate. In MessiniaCar - LowCost ( the minimum rental charge is the 7-day rate.

How much fuel do I get the vehicle?

The fuel policy in MessiniaCar & MessiniaCar-LowCost is same-same. With the same amount of fuel you will receive the vehicle, you will have to return it accordingly.

What time can I receive or return a car?

The opening hours of MessiniaCar & MessiniaCar-LowCost are from 8:00 to 21:00. You can, however, pick up or deliver a vehicle and save the above hours with an additional charge of 20 € for pick up and/or 20 € for drop off.