About Us

​MessiniaCar is based in Kalamata, Messinia and it is located at the 6th km of Kalamata-Messini, near Kalamata's airport (KLX).

We offer car rental services all over the prefecture, with the ability of delivery and pick-up of the car in your desired location and Kalamata airport (KLX) (with no extra charge).

From 2018 through this version of our website, MessiniaCar - LowCost we offer some of our fleet cars (categories A, B, C) at special rates, wanting to offer a more affordable rental car to those who want to move and visit Messinia, its sights and surrounding areas.

At MessiniaCar - LowCost we offer low car rental rates, with minimum rental period of one week. For less than seven days and for larger or special cars such as automatic, diesel, station wagon-caravan, mini bus you can visit the main MessiniaCar website http://www.messiniacar.gr/.